It starts with your donation.

The simple act of donating your used post-secondary textbook creates a positive impact for students around the world.

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How it Works



We donate 50% of the textbooks to partner campus libraries in East Africa.

Education in East Africa



We resell 20% of textbooks at affordable prices to students, funding initiatives on local campuses.

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We recycle any out-of-date, damaged, or unusable textbooks.

Environmental Sustainability

Rules for Donating

Which textbooks can be donated?

  • University and college textbooks published in the last 15 years
  • High school textbooks
  • Study guides, course packs, foreign language textbooks and other material that assists in the studying process

We cannot accept  magazines, academic journals, badly damaged books, or entertainment books. Our partners are unable to make use of this material. We recommend reaching out to your local thrift store or public library.

Why it Matters

Empower Students Around the World.

We can create the next generation of doctors, entrepreneurs, and artists by helping students learn with high quality material. Education acts as a gateway for millions of young people around the world. It provides young people with the necessary skills to achieve personal success and to transform their communities.

Every textbook we receive is reused by students or recycled efficiently. We sustainably support our local and global communities, book by book.

Are your textbooks currently collecting dust?
Small actions can create a big impact.

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Educate the Future

We can create the next generation of doctors, entrepreneurs, and artists by providing them the ability to learn with high quality material.


Reuse Material

Every textbook donated is reused or recycled. Help conserve trees and divert textbooks from landfills.


Save Money

Textbooks are expensive! Help students in North America save money on used textbooks and students in East Africa access material in their library. 

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